Members Benefits

  • Hospitality in one ILO meeting / year (2 nights in a hotel with breakfast)
  • One lunch and dinner at  one ILO meeting / year
  • Invitation to all ILO meetings and ILO networking events
  • Receive quarterly e-newsletter (with spotlight on a festival)
  • Possibility to contribute to the e-newsletter and website
  • Use of ILO logo in your publicity 
  • VIP pass at participating ILO festivals (which enables you to jump queue for access to artworks)
  • Access to a list of all ILO members and the ability to request contact with them
  • Promotion of their festival on ILO social media 
  • Opportunity to join the ILO board (when new places are open)
  • Opportunity to be a host festival for an ILO meeting/conference 
  • Voting rights (as determined in the Internal Rules)
  • Free/discounted entry to ILO conferences (where an admission fee is payable for general admission)
  • Access to discounted hotels at ILO events and festivals (when available)
  • ILO website
    • Individual section on festival page
    • Included in annual calendar of events (on website) 
    • Add callouts / commissions on the website
    • include job adverts 
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