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RE.LIGHT, International Light Art Festival


Since 2015, the city of Regensburg has actively embraced the captivating art form of light art. The illumination of the cathedral towers in 2019, with the support of the twin city of Bressanone and in cooperation with the french artist collective ‘Spectaculaires’, not only inspired Regensburg residents, but also developed a strong appeal within the region and beyond. In 2020, during the Corona pandemic, another accent was set in the context of light art through the format "Herbstflattern". The illuminated, visualised and projected butterflies exhilarated thousands of Regensburg residents at that time and delivered welcome change during that challenging time. The most recent individual commitment of the cultural department in the area of light art festivals was the festival "ver:bild:LICHT" in Stadtamhof as part of the "Regensburg Summer of Culture 2021".

Consequently, light art festivals have a high status in Regensburg and enjoy a high-quality, but also entertaining association. All of the aforementioned festivals share a common goal: they inspire Regensburg residents, the district and the region, frequent the historic town create a cultural-tourist attraction and literally bring light into a dark season. Moreover, the city states its role and image as a cultural and creative hub in Bavaria. The aim is now to combine all the previous individual initiatives in a synergetic, holistic and beneficial way into one festival: RE.LIGHT, the international light art festival of Regensburg. The core element within the concept of RE.LIGHT is the fusion of outstanding light artists with a historically unique city history. The involvement of local, regional and international artists also plays an important role within the festivals concept. Regensburg tries to proactively realize synergies between the dedicated local art scene, its historical silhouette and international light artists to produce a unique festival.

So from 14 - 24 March 2024, Regensburg's historic old town will become a canvas, but also a stage for international light art. Regensburg is also consciously defining itself as a source of impulses and support for young, creative light artists and, thanks to the support of strong partners, wants to establish itself as a longterm and sustainable light art festival. The city of Regensburg defines itself not only as the organiser, but rather as the host of the RE.LIGHT Festival.