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Lyon Festival of Lights


Next event: 05.12.2024 - 08.12.2024

Lyon Festival of Lights aims to reflect an inclusive and creative society, where art brings people together, anchoring strong emotions and memories in each and every one of us. In this sense, the Lyon Festival of Lights is much more than a festival of light; it's a festive, artistic, cultural and human experience. Once again, this year’s festival is popular and definitely cultural. The technical developments of our time will be shown with the crossover of the artificial intelligence and Lyon’s legacy while returning to nature, its power, its benefits and its limits. Immersive art will also be part of the event thanks to national and international coproduction (Australia, Turkey…), alongside contemplative,

engaged and participative works. For the first time, an artwork will be installed indoors, giving the visitors the opportunity to see it during daylight.
As part of a political and societal will, the Lyon Festival of Lights continues its commitment to a sustainable development. The upcoming edition is in the process of obtaining ISO 20121 certification (events for sustainable development), will be welcoming environmental engaged artists and will encourage low energy consumption artworks and the use of upcycling materials. 
International artists will be attending the festival as part of an international touring.
Its popular aspect is in line with our ambition to make it a festival open to all and to all ages. On the one hand, we dedicate one site to families – Fête à Hauteur d’Enfants while setting up accessibility features on several levels: trainings, at least four disabled persons visits, a dedicated handi welcome, artistic and emotional experiences, highlighting the visual vernacular art by programming the artwork of a deaf art company based in Lyon. Moreover, we aim to highlight the work of students from France and Spain for the third year in a row with “Les Expérimentations Etudiantes” in partnership with Les Grands Ateliers and l’IED Barcelone while renewing our springboard for young artists with Les Rencontres Audiovisuelles de Lille and our cooperation with l’Université Lyon 3 – Manufacture des Tabacs. In addition, the public is at the heart of the event by his participation to the Lumignons du Coeur as well as his direct involvement in the creation of two artworks.

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