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Blockheide Leuchtet

Naturpark Blockheide, Gmünd Austria

Next event: 15.08.2024 - 18.08.2024

The international light festival BLOCKHEIDE LEUCHTET takes place on an area of several hectares, between granite remnants and plants, and opens up magical spaces of wonder. A radiant experience for young and old and a special addition to the Austrian cultural landscape! 


Impressive and (colourful) magnificent light installations and projections by national and international light artists merge with nature and are lovingly embedded in it. Dancing luminous figures and fantasy creatures move between them, supported by mystical moods of color, fog and soap bubbles.

Extraordinary concerts are also performed among the trees, stones and lights. Musicians with acoustic (unusual) instruments use nature as their stage to create worlds of sound and take visitors even deeper into this audiovisual journey. 

The campfire invites you to lose yourself in the blazing flames and listen to the storyteller.


A unique ambience that is aimed at all people and aims to have a unifying effect (both between different people and between people and nature; the keyword here is closeness to nature), as well as pursuing the goal of sustainable anchoring contemporary art in society.